Brianne Lehrkamp

Brianne Lehrkamp loves to run! That love of running has been incorporated into her life as a physical therapist at Wilson Physical.  Bri came to WPT in 2012 with extensive experience with treating running injuries, orthopedics, vestibular rehabilitation (vertigo) (dizziness), and a passion for raising concussion awareness.

Bri originally from Gurney, WI graduated from the University of WI-Lacrosse with a doctorate in physical Therapy. She met her husband Josh in Lacrosse who is also a physical therapist. They moved back to Gurney a few years ago where they are raising two boys, who keep them very busy. The daily drive into Ashland allows Bri the time to relax and listen to a lot of books on tape. Otherwise, you might find her in the garden, snowshoeing, doing yoga and helping with the family maple syrup business.